With These Tips And Tricks, Your Sneakers Are As Good As New Again!

Just bought those new cool sneakers? What do you love or do you intend to purchase new sneakers? What you love, of course, you have to take good care of and if you invest in beautiful sneakers, you naturally want to enjoy it for as long as possible. That is why this article give you a number of tips and tricks for taking care of your new and/or favorite pair of sneakers, so that you can enjoy them for longer.

Washing Machine

Just to fall straight into the house. Do you ever throw your sneakers in the washing machine? Best advice: DO NOT do that, NEVER do that again unless you want to get rid of them quickly. Your favorite or fairly new sneakers that rotate in the washing drum in combination with the high water temperature, that does not make the soles of your sneakers and your washing machine happy. In addition, most shoes are simply not designed for so much water. Unless of course you jump into the pool with your favorite sneakers just as easily.

This is Sure You Are Locking At Home!

You can clean your sneakers with a few home garden plus kitchen remedies that you will undoubtedly find in your kitchen cupboard. We have tested it in practice and with these tips your sneakers will be clean in no time.

You will need the following for cleaning the sole and top of your sneakers:

  • A sponge.
  • Soap (washing-up liquid, shampoo or shower gel).
  • Cleaning eraser (like Collonil).
  • An (old) toothbrush.

There is nothing more annoying when the white soles of your sneakers are dirty. That is why people immediately start tackling the dirt, usually black stripes on the white soles.

Step 1:

You remove the black stripes on the soles with the help of the cleaning eraser. Do not go too fast over the sole with the eraser, do this very gently until the stripes fade slowly. If you do not do this gently you will damage the soles, which of course is a shame.

Step 2:

After erasing the sole, it’s time for your (old) toothbrush. Make the toothbrush moist, preferably with lukewarm or hot water, then put some soap on the toothbrush. With the toothbrush you make rotational movements on the sole and this way you brush the entire sole of your sneakers. In the meantime, moisten the toothbrush a little more and add some soap if necessary. Make sure that you do not make the top of the sneaker (the fabric or leather) too wet. Otherwise it takes a long time before the material is dry again. If the top of your sneakers need a cleaning, use the sponge or toothbrush with as little water as possible.

Tip: Can your shoelaces also use a freshening up? Before cleaning your sneakers, first remove them from your shoe.
The shoelaces are the cleanest when you wash them by hand with some water and soap. Of course you can also wash in the washing machine in a laundry bag or in a bra bag with the white laundry!

Tip: After cleaning your sneakers, let them air dry. Do not place them on top of or near a heater. The heat makes the rubber brittle and the shoe’s shape can deform. That would be a waste!

Using Dishwasher Or Shampoo

You are probably wondering why people recommend detergent and shampoo? They both contain a substance that tackles dirtiness but at the same time is not too aggressive to treat your sneakers. As long as you don’t use too much, you can clean your sneakers with confidence.

How Does One Take Care Of Their Sneakers

Dirty sneakers, well, everyone hates that. Do you know that moment when you discover your first spot on your newest sneakers? A big hell, if one say so myself. Because let’s be honest, this is almost inevitable with the Dutch weather.

Golden tip! Treat your sneakers before you start wearing them with a water-repellent spray. This way, water and mud have no chance of staining your new acquisitions. If it is still the case that stains appear, it is considerably easier to remove the stains. Do you have shoes made of full leather? Then use slightly damp wipes to clean your sneakers!

With these care tips you can take care of your new sneakers with love and walk around with new and fresh sneakers for a long time.