Wet shoes? That way you will get them dry again quickly!

Drying wet shoes is an annoying job. That is why this article has a number of tips for you to get your wet shoes dry quickly. Because having to walk around on wet shoes can be quite annoying during the winter period!

Do not wait too long before drying your wet shoes! Otherwise they will spread a nasty odor, which at some point is no longer tolerable.

But what is the best way to get your wet shoes dry again? In this article we give you a number of useful tips, so that your shoes will quickly dry again!

The best solution for your wet shoes!

To get your wet shoes dry and fresh again as quickly as possible, there are products on the market that can help you with that.

Take for example the shoe dryer from the Shoefresh brand, which refreshes and dries your wet shoes in a sustainable and effective way.

It also takes no effort at all. You only have to place the shoes on the holders and switch on the program.

The program stops automatically and within 30 minutes your wet shoes are fresh and dry again. The Active Oxygen technology also immediately cleans up all the nasty fungi and bacteria that are responsible for the nasty odors.

Drying is done on the inside of your shoe, so that the material of your shoes is not damaged. This is much better than, for example, letting your wet shoes dry on the heating.

Use the Shoefresh shoe dryer and say goodbye to your wet shoes forever. In addition, you not only dry your shoes with it, but also your boots, hats, shin guards, gloves and even helmets are dry again in no time!

Get wet shoes dry with newspapers

Grab some old newspapers or rough baking paper and make a mess of it and then put yourself in your wet shoes. Paper absorbs moisture and also prevents your shoes from deforming.

Preferably place them somewhere in a dry place, for example an old shoe box is ideal for this. Put your wet shoes in a cardboard box, so they will dry even faster!

It takes around 24 hours to get all the moisture out of your wet shoes. Fortunately, after this treatment, they are old again and you can wear them again in no time.

Are there wet insoles in your wet shoes? First remove the soles from your shoes and then place them on a newspaper where they can dry. This is possible at room temperature.

By the way, keep in mind that newspapers absorb a lot of moisture, so it’s best to change them every few hours.

Wet shoes in the dryer!

Before you decide to put your wet shoes in the dryer, it is wise to first look at the composition of the material. Not every shoe is suitable for a dryer!

Some shoes are damaged during such a drying process and you can immediately throw them away. It is therefore not recommended to put leather shoes, sports shoes with gel and shoes that act as insulators in the dryer.

Shoes that are made of cotton or synthetic material can simply be put in the dryer. If there is gel in the shoe sole, it is better to use newspapers or, for example, a professional shoe dryer.

Then opt for the normal or short drying program of a maximum of 60 minutes. After the program has finished, check whether your shoes have dried completely.

If they still feel damp, put them back in the dryer for about 10-15 minutes. Not too long, otherwise they will shrink!

Do not use a hair dryer or microwave!

Even though it may seem like a good idea, don’t be tempted too quickly by blow-drying your wet shoes or putting them in the microwave. They do not dry faster and your shoes will not be happy about it. Certainly in the case of sports shoes this is not recommended!

If you dry wet shoes with such heat, then you damage the material of your shoes. The inner lining becomes less soft and they sit less comfortably.

In addition, the lifespan and quality of your shoes also deteriorate. That would of course be a shame, especially if your shoes are just new!

Dry leather shoes

With leather shoes it is important that you do not let them dry along the heating. The shoes then dry up too quickly, so you run the risk of the leather hardening and cracking.

Try to fill them with a few old newspaper plugs and let them dry somewhere at room temperature.

Nike air max in the dryer?

It might be tempting, but please don’t put your Nike Air Max in the washer or dryer. As stated above, sports shoes are not suitable for cleaning in this way.

They are such beautiful shoes, you want to keep them that way, right? It is therefore better to remove the laces from the shoe and remove the dirt with an old toothbrush.

You can then make your Nikes shine like new again with a damp cloth and a little soapy water!

Dry wet suede shoes

It is important that you take care not to put the shoes on the heating. Maybe this will make them dry faster, but the additional effect is that your suede shoes will eventually warp. Eventually the leather will crack and you naturally want to prevent that.

Therefore, allow suede shoes to dry naturally in the air and, as a precaution, put a number of newspaper plugs in so that the shape of the shoes is retained.

Also try to remove any dirt as soon as the shoes are dry. It is best to use a small shoe brush or old toothbrush for this.

How do you keep shoes dry?

The best way to keep your shoes dry is actually very simple. When it rains, you just leave those new patta’s nice and comfortable. If you are surprised by an unexpected shower, then you can, fortunately, take certain precautions.

There are enough spray nowadays to protect your shoes against weather, wind, mud and snow! You can get such a NANO spray at almost any shoe store, or you can order it online.