Walk in shoes: The 8 tricks to wear your new gems as painlessly as possible!

You probably know it: you have scored a new pair of shoes and you are completely in love with them. After a few hours of walking on the shoes, however, love is over, because your feet hurt so badly! An annoying scenario because whether you have bought a pair of shoes for a party, for work or for another occasion, you should preferably wear new shoes immediately. And preferably also painless. Unfortunately, the reality is sometimes that new shoes at your feet after a few hours can hurt terribly. The result: feet with big blisters and a new pair of shoes that disappears into the cupboard and then never come out again. Sometimes you have to walk in your new shoes before you can wear them painlessly, and that can take some time. Fortunately, there are a number of tricks that you can use to speed up this process. In this article we will explain eight tricks that will make your shoes walk in faster. This way you can wear those new shoes with pleasure all day long in no time!

8 tricks that make your shoes walk in faster

Whether it’s a new pair of pumps, ankle boots or boots: a new pair of shoes can sometimes be a bit stiff and tight on the feet. It is therefore often recommended not to wear new shoes directly all day, but to build this up. This means that you spend two hours on your new shoes on the first day, three on the next, and so on. Until the shoes are finally walked in and you can wear them painlessly for a whole day. This is actually the best way to walk in new shoes. Making leather shoes supple therefore takes quite some time and we don’t always have the patience for this. Fortunately, there are a number of tricks that can ensure that you walk in your shoes faster. With the following 8 tips you can speed up the process of shoeing in, so that you can quickly wear your new eye-catchers throughout the day.

1. Wear socks

Making your shoes bigger is difficult, because a shoe stays the same length, whatever you do. You can make your shoes a little smoother and a little wider: wear thicker socks in your shoes in the beginning. This way you stretch the leather of your shoes slightly and then they will sit nicely on your feet faster. Now it is not very charming to wear a pair of ballerinas or lace-up shoes with thick sport socks when you are on the street, but you can, for example, wear your shoes at home for a few hours with thick socks in it. Do you want to leave the house wearing socks? Then try a pair of glitter socks. This way you can make your shoes a little wider and you are also extremely fashionable. Men can often wear their new shoes with socks during the day. Do you want to make sure that you don’t stumble in the middle of the day because of blisters on your feet? Then go for the safe option and wear your new sneakers, slip-on shoes, loafers or boots first at home for a few hours with socks. You will notice that your shoes are a bit stretched after a few days.

2. Wet shoes or damp socks

This is perhaps not the nicest option, because walking with wet socks is not very comfortable. But if you wear leather shoes, this will work. Moisten a pair of thin socks and wear them in your new shoes. Due to the moisture, the leather will expand and become more flexible. This way the shoe molds to your foot faster. You can also wet your shoe on the inside and then put it on. Both options feel equally unpleasant, but are definitely worth it. Your new eye-catchers will soon be ready to go!

3. First wear the shoes at home

Of course you prefer to go out immediately with your new buckle shoes, lace-up shoes or other new shoes. To work, to a party or to a dinner. It doesn’t matter which occasion you go to, you prefer to show your new shoes to the whole world immediately. To walk in your shoes properly, however, it is a better idea to first wear them a few times at home. You can then simply take them off again the moment you get sore feet. This way you can build up wearing the shoes. For example, put on your new shoes at home for a few hours in the evening and then wear them slightly longer each day. Soon you can wear your shoes painlessly for a whole day.

Tip: Are you buying a pair of shoes for a special occasion? Buy this well in advance, so you have the time to walk into the shoes at home.

4. A shoe tree

Does your new shoe pinch a little in the width? With shoe tensioners you can ensure that your new shoes are less tight around the feet. This trick works especially when it comes to creating a little more space across the width of your shoe, after all, a shoe tensioner ensures that leather shoes retain their shape and that cracks appear less quickly in the leather.

5. Go cycling anyway

Whether it is a pair of leather ladies’ boots that you want to walk in or those new city western boots that are not quite right at the front: do you want to make your shoes more flexible, but prefer not to walk? Then get on your bike with your new eye catchers at your feet. That way your shoe will get the chance to become more flexible and to stand more towards your feet, without you getting sore feet from walking. This way of ‘cycling’ is also very suitable for smoothing the shaft of leather or suede boots.

6. Blow dry your shoes

Your hair dryer is not only suitable for styling your hair, you can also shape your new shoes with it! This trick works for both leather and synthetic shoes. Put on a pair of thick socks in your new shoes and heat the place or places where the shoes pinch with a hair dryer. Heating the shoes makes them smoother. If you keep the shoes on for ten minutes after heating, they can stand on your feet. In this way you can, for example, easily make the heel of your shoe flexible so that it adjusts to the shape of your foot faster.

7. The store

Some bottlenecks can easily be solved in the store for you. Do your shoes, for example, continue to pinch the nose even after you walk in? Then the nose cap of your shoe can be pushed up a little in the store. You can also visit our store for stretching and making your shoes more flexible. This way your shoes will fit perfectly quickly!

8. The shoemaker

Have all the previous tricks not had the desired effect? Then of course you can always go to the shoemaker with your new shoes. The shoemaker can often easily solve annoying bottlenecks or stretch the shoes a little so that they fit better. The shoemaker also knows exactly which method works best for your shoes. Running in your shoes can sometimes take up to a week. Fortunately, with the tricks in this article you can speed up that process so that you can wear your new shoes as quickly as possible. While these tricks help speed up the process of running into shoes, they are no panacea. Applying the above tips does not automatically mean that you can wear your new shoes painlessly all day long. After all, the following still applies to running-in shoes: patience is a good thing.