Stylish Suede: 5 Tips for Maintaining Suede Shoes

It is soft, it is warm and it has a wonderfully luxurious appearance: suede. This material is never out of style. Also this spring we spotted different types of suede shoes, especially the brightly colored suede sneakers. And whether you opt for a chic look, go for city western or sporty: with its timeless look, suede guarantees years of wearing pleasure. Provided that you properly maintain your suede eye-catchers, of course, because this fragile material requires some extra attention. But cleaning suede shoes is no longer a problem after reading this item: with the maintenance tips you will enjoy your beautiful shoes even longer.

Suede: Slightly Different

When it comes to leather, we roughly distinguish four types: smooth leather, nubuck, patent leather and suede. Many leather shoes fall into one of these categories. In that list, suede is slightly different at an important point than the other three materials. After all, unlike smooth leather, nubuck and patent leather, suede is not made from the outside, but from the inside of the skin. This means that suede has a rougher surface. This coarse, brushed structure is more susceptible to dirt and grease stains. At the same time, the suede hairs give that velvety, irresistible look.

Maintenance Tips and The Most Beautiful Suede Shoes

In addition to softer than normal leather, suede is also warmer than the other types of leather. It is not for nothing that the name “suede” comes from the French “Gants de Suede”, or “Gloves from Sweden”. This shows what this fine material was originally used for. And yet we sometimes refrain from purchasing a suede item because of the fragility of the material. However, with proper maintenance you will keep your suede bags and shoes beautiful for as long as any other leather item. That is why this article provide the best maintenance tips for suede shoes with you. But before we do that, let’s first take a look at four suede must-haves for men and women for the upcoming season. After seeing these eye-catchers you will know why suede is worth that extra maintenance!

Suede eye catchers for women and men

This fall and winter we see different new suede shoes, executed in a bright color or in stylish dark blue or camel. The great thing about suede is that it always provides a classy casual look. At Van den Assem they have a wide selection of suede shoes for him and her.

For him

Suede is a very popular material in the manufacture of men’s shoes. The gentle glance gives the classic or trendy lace-up or buckle shoe a unique twist. Brands that are skilled in making suede shoes are labels such as: Santoni, Magnanni and Floris van Bommel. All of them shoe brands that have years of experience in processing leather, creating the most beautiful creations. Santoni is known for his craftsmanship, Magnanni for his creativity and Floris van Bommel for his daring. But the Van den Assem label By Berry also has a number of beautiful suede models, including the chelsealaars. For many men, a suede shoe is an asset to the shoe collection. And that is easy to explain. The suede shoe can be worn for business as well as casual. Combine the suede buckle shoe, lace boot or chelsealaars with beautiful jeans, a crispy white shirt and a jacket and you can go straight into the weekend. For the more business moments, choose a suit in combination with your favorite suede shoes.

For her

Do you choose a chic suede ankle boot, a high boot, a lace-up shoe or that soft sneaker, pump or cool lace-up shoe this fall? And let’s not forget the classic UGG. With the cool months ahead, nothing is better than having your feet wrapped in wonderfully warm and comfortable sheepskin. Anyway: suede women’s shoes come in many shapes and sizes. How about a suede pump from Peter Kaiser or Unisa? With these quality brands you always sit and walk well. And with the holidays ahead, a pump is actually indispensable. The Christmas parties, family dinners and friends’ tents require an extra festive outfit. For us, a suede pump is Sinterklaas, Christmas and New Year’s Eve in one! Are you more feminine and comfortable? Then a slim ankle boot is at least as chic and sophisticated. Just look at brands like Lilian and Mace. Trendy brands that know how to handle suede. For everyday convenience, you might opt ​​for a sneaker or a low lace-up shoe faster. These categories are also more than well represented with us!

Suede: A Little Attention to a Maximum Effect

No material has such a soft, warm and luxurious appearance as the delicate but beautiful suede. That this means that we have to give our suede darlings some extra care and attention and check the weather forecast before we put them on, we are only too happy to accept. Because what is an autumn without suede? Exactly! That is, in addition to buying those beautiful suede wannahaves, just an extra bus maintenance spray.

5 Tips on Treating The Suede Shoes

Because suede gives a shoe an exclusive appearance, but is known as a fragile material, here this article is happy to give you the tips below for the care and maintenance of suede. This way you can fall in love with shoes made of this fine material without any problems.

Tip 1: Spray Can For Suede Shoes

For all leather shoes, bags and accessories, good care starts with the prevention of stains. You do this by regularly injecting your leather items with an impregnating spray. The spray provides a protective layer, as a result of which moisture and dirt have no chance of getting into the leather. With its open grain structure, suede is even more sensitive to stains. In addition, this material can use extra power in addition to protection. A spray especially for suede offers a solution, such as the Collonil Suede + Nubuck Spray. This spray contains an additional color activation that helps keep the color of your suede shoes as new. It is important to choose a spray in a color that matches the color of your shoes. The Collonil Suede + Nubuck Spray is available in the colors: black, dark gray, blue, dark brown and taupe. Do your suede shoes have a different color? Then use the colorless Collonil Carbon Waterproof spray to protect your shoes. In dry weather, a three-weekly spray turn is sufficient to keep the protective layer on your shoes optimal. When your suede shoes have become wet, it is smart to let them dry at room temperature and then spray them in extra. Do you want to protect your shoes preventively? Then check the weather forecasts before you put on your suede eye-catchers. Of all leather types, suede is after all the most sensitive to damp spots. Prevention, even in this case, is better than cure!

Tip 2: Brush your Shoes Clean

No matter how careful you are with your suede shoes, preventing your shoes from getting dirty altogether is difficult. Did your shoes get dirty? Let it dry first. You can then remove the dried up dirt with a special suede brush. This brushes you carefully, and in one direction, over the stain. Brushing ensures that the dirt comes loose from the hairs and that they stand upright again.

Tip 3: Erase From that Stain

Do you still see a stain after you have treated your suede shoes with a brush? Then use an eraser especially for suede and gently rub it over the area. Spray your shoes extra after this treatment.

Tip 4: Requires Extra Water

You should treat an unexpected damp spot on your suede shoes with water! Wet the suede brush and apply extra water on and around the damp stain. Lightly rub the water over the entire shoe and then pat it dry. Then allow the shoe to dry at room temperature. Even after this treatment, extra injection of your shoes is necessary to strengthen the color and care for the suede.

Tip 5: Suede Shoe Discolored

This last tip is very simple, to protect your suede shoes from dirt and discoloration, it is best to keep them in a breathable shoe box or fabric bag in a cupboard. This way you prevent your shoes from discoloring or damaging and you keep them looking good for longer.