Shoes: Tips For Optimal Care

The right shoes are a must have for any outfit. Women and shoes are therefore also called a match made in heaven. But do you show enough love for your shoes? There are a wide range of different shoes – something for everyone: heels, boots, boots or ballet flats. In this article will show you how you can offer the right care to these lucky shoes.

Shoe Care

Shoes need a lot of love and care, especially if you wear the shoes often! They need you! A good all-in-one shoe spray is a good basis for your shoes. This spray is suitable for both leather, suede and canvas. It will ensure that your shoes become dirt and water resistant. That rain shower doesn’t matter anymore. Keep looking fabulous!

Smooth leather shoes

Smooth leather shoes are easy to handle. A good leather cream will ensure that the shoes are well nourished. Choose a shoe polish based on beeswax. Shoe polish based on silicone is bad for the leather because it prevents the leather from breathing. Too much cleaning also ensures that the shoe can no longer breathe. Choose a polish in the same color as your shoe or go for a neutral color so that you can use it with more shoes. Polish with a dry cloth and your shoes will immediately be nice and shiny.

Patent leather shoes

Lacquer leather, also known as patent leather, cannot be sprayed with a normal leather spray. Sometimes this can cause spots on the shoes. A special varnish mousse is available for this. This mousse ensures that the shoes stay beautiful. While using the shoe you can clean it in the same way as a smooth leather shoe.

Suede shoes

Suede needs just a little more love than leather. This shoe absorbs moisture quickly and therefore it is important to spray it well with a protective spray before wearing it. This is available in all kinds of colors, so your shoes will never go pale again. In addition, it is also specially available for the suede material. A brush will help to brush out the spray and clean the suede should it be stained. A good brush for suede is a natural crepe brush. Show them some love.

Shoes Tips

Tip 1: Give your shoes a rest.

It is good to give your shoes a day of rest. So make sure that you do not wear your shoes for two days in a row. This way they can recover well and stay beautiful longer.

Tip 2: Let your shoes dry.

When your shoes have become wet due to a rain shower, it is important not to let the shoes dry during heating. Just put your shoes in the hall and they will dry out by themselves. This way you prevent certain stains in the leather from drying.

Tip 3: Use wooden shoe trees.

Wooden shoe trees are very important to keep your shoes in good shape. Wooden shoe trees will also ensure that the moisture is pulled out of your shoes, making your shoes last longer and you can look fabulous for longer!