Shoe Maintenance

Leather is a natural material. This has many advantages: leather is breathable, it is flexible, so molds to your foot and is extremely strong. This makes it a very durable material, provided you take good care of it. As leather gets older it dries out. To be able to enjoy your shoes for as long as possible, it is therefore important that you regularly maintain them with the right products. Which products you need for this depends on the type of leather that is used for the shoe.

The first step is always to clean the shoes. Make sure your shoes are free of dirt and mud. You can do this with a damp cloth or a brush. Then let the shoes dry completely. Now you can take care of the shoes with the matching care products. In the overview below you can see which maintenance is best for which leather.

Smooth leather

We sell more than 40 different colors of shoe polish for smooth leather shoes. The polish has a cleansing effect, repairs and recolours the grain of the leather through natural wax and a very high concentration of pigments. The wax guarantees perfect protection and shine and ensures a thorough nourishment of the leather.

Patent leather

Vernis Rife is available for patent leather. This product cleans and protects against hairline cracks. It makes all patent leather shine and prevents fingerprints.


Renovétine is available for shoes made from suede or nubuck leather. This product is a spray and therefore very easy to use. The spray is available in 13 colors. From the Marla brand we sell a bottle with depper, which is available in 4 colors. Both products clean, recolor, feed and waterproof. This unique formula restores the silky appearance of suede and nubuck. The spray and bottle is available in different colors and of course there is also a colorless variant. Are there superficial stains in the suede? Then these can be removed with the help of a suede eraser/suede brush. You can always polish suede and nubuck with Creme Delicate.

Reptile leather

The Reptan wax has been developed for reptile leather (leather with scales). This is an emulsion of hard mineral wax that provides protection and shine. The wool grease in the cream ensures that the leather moisturizes, relaxes and prevents scales from loosening or breaking off.

Metallic leather

Currently a big trend, metallic leather or leather with a mother-of-pearl shine. This leather is best treated with Gel. This gel, based on wool fat, has nourishing, repairing and relaxing properties. Also suitable for braided leather. You can always polish metallic leather with Crème Delicate.

Combined fabrics

These days we see many shoes made from different types of leather. Combi has been developed for this purpose. This product can be used for smooth leather, suede, nubuck leather, patent leather, microfibre fabric and textile fabric. It cleanses, nourishes and repels moisture and is a colorless product.

Hiking boots

We recommend Huile Protectrice Leather Oil Spray for hiking shoes. This product, based on animal oil, thoroughly nourishes the leather, relaxes it and makes it waterproof. Would you rather not use a spray, but want to brush the shoes? Then there is Graisse Ouraline and Graisse HP. Both are greasy creams that nourish the leather, keep it supple and make it waterproof.

White shoes

A special care product is available for white shoes. White Novelys is a white recolourant. It freshens up leather and linen shoes and is very opaque.


  • Nano Protect is a dirt and water-repellent spray which is of very good quality. It covers the shoes so that rain and dirt don’t get a chance.
  • Nano Protect is suitable for all types of leather except lacquer leather.
  • Hiver Winter is a remedy that removes the white traces caused by contact with snow, water and salt/brine.

General tips

  • Change your shoes regularly to make your shoes breathe and air. In addition, it is also better for the muscles in your foot and therefore for your overall posture.
  • Use wooden shoe trees, so your shoes will stay beautiful, especially with patent leather shoes this is recommended. The wood also absorbs any moisture.
  • Use a shoehorn and loosen the laces well, this prevents the heels from being kicked.
  • Dry wet shoes in, for example, the utility room or fill them with newsprint or kitchen paper. By placing them at a heat source, the leather can crack.
  • If you wear arch supports, it is also advisable to let them dry and air, the leather top layer can optionally be treated with colorless leather cream.