Prints on Your Shoes on Being Well Maintained.

We see it everywhere, animal prints right now! To keep prints beautiful for a long time, we tell you how you can best protect, care for and clean printing materials. The most commonly used materials with animal prints are suede, nubuck, smooth leather, patent leather and pony. These materials differ greatly in structure. Suede and nubuck are open grain materials, while patent leather has a dense structure. Shoes made of genuine snakeskin are rare in the Netherlands. The print of hose or reptile is usually printed on a different material. This can be done on a material with a dense coating, such as lacquer. Or on an open structure, such as smooth leather, suede or nubuck. The type of material can be recognized by rubbing the material with a flat hand. A dense coating feels smooth. With an open coating you can feel the print like a kind of flakes on the material. That makes it feel a bit rougher.

Suede & nubuck with print

Suede and nubuck are popular materials for prints. Suede is the inside of leather. This inside is a lot softer than the epidermis (smooth leather) and looks more like fabric with a brushed structure. Nubuck can be treated in the same way as suede. There is, however, a difference between the two materials. Nubuck is in fact the epidermis of the leather. Because this epidermis is brushed, it gets a velvety finish. You can distinguish Nubuck from suede because it looks and feels slightly softer than suede. Suede and nubuck are both open grain material, which absorbs dirt and water.

To protect

To make the materials water and dirt resistant, spray the shoe with Collonil Carbon Pro. Carbon Pro is the most powerful protection against water and dirt and ensures that water and dirt do not penetrate into the material, but drips off in bead form. The material retains its breathability.

Take care of

Sometimes the colors of suede and nubuck can use a freshening up. Collonil has an impregnating spray especially for suede and nubuck that keeps colors nice longer. The Suede + Nubuck Spray Precisely for prints, the color activation in this spray is a solution, because it brings out the various colors more.

  1. Spray on 30 cm distance.
  2. Allow to dry for 30 minutes.
  3. Repeat after wearing 30 times.


Suede and nubuck with print clean and care for preferably dry. You start by brushing the material clean. Use a Suede Nubuck box to remove stubborn stains in the material. This block has two sides. A soft side and a crepe edge. By gently rubbing the stain with the soft side of the block, stains disappear. Use the crepe side for a more thorough cleaning. Due to the friction with the shoe, the crepe becomes warm and has a strong cleaning effect.

Patent leather with print

We already see snake prints a lot, but we will see much more in shoe fashion. We also see the print a lot in combination with a lacquer material. Lacquer is a coating on another material, such as leather. Because the coating has a dense structure, it cannot absorb moisture. Protective and caring sprays cannot adhere to the material and are therefore of no use.

You do not have to protect patent leather against water and dirt. However, it is important to take good care of patent leather, so that you prevent cracks and dullness. The Lack Mousse from Collonil gives a full foam that retains the elasticity and shine of the paint. Retaining the elasticity in the material reduces the risk of cracks in the paint. In addition, the mousse has an antistatic effect, so that the paint attracts less dirt! The mousse is easy to apply to the shoe and only needs to be rubbed.

Tip: A very important tip to prevent cracks in patent leather is the use of a shoe tree. By keeping the lacquer shoes on, cracks in the material are prevented.

Smooth leather with print

Smooth leather that is enriched with a print needs the same protection and care as smooth leather without a print. It is important to know that color has probably been added for the print. The leather is not colourfast. By using the colorless care and cleaning agents, the color can decrease as a result. To ensure a print on smooth leather, it is important to always use products to which color pigments have been added. Sometimes it is even advisable to brush with two colors.

To protect

Smooth leather has an open structure. This makes it very important to properly protect it against external influences. This is possible, for example, with the Carbon Wax spray from Collonil. This has not only a protective but also a caring effect.

  1. Spray on 30 cm distance.
  2. Allow to dry for 30 minutes.
  3. Rub out if necessary.
  4. Repeat after wearing 30 times.

Take care of

The Collonil Shoe cream nourishes the leather, keeping it supple. In addition to care, this cream also keeps the color nice or it picks up the color again after wear.

  1. Rub with a cloth, brush or sponge.
  2. Have it retracted.
  3. Rub with a brush or cloth.

You can do deep cleaning of (enriched) smooth leather with the Collonil Carbon Complete. Strips that are caused by bumping the shoe, you can easily polish away with the Carbon Lab Spot Cleaner This eraser is also a handy tool for cleaning soles.

Reptile print

Smooth leather enriched leather with a reptile print can in principle be treated in the same way as regular smooth leather. Instead of the Carbon Wax, you can choose to impregnate with the special Collonil Exotic spray. This spray is specially made for reptile prints and protects the material intensively. It is important to rub the spray well with a brush after use, so that it can get into all corners of the print.