How to get your white shoes from sneakers to be clean again?

White is the trend at the moment! White sneakers, tennis sneakers (very popular with men), pumps, loafers and even white ankle boots conquer the streets and every heart of many fashion lovers. The black/white combo is even more on trend than before, with white shoes at the center! Sneakers, loafers, loafers; white is fun, fashionable and gives you the ideal minimalist look. But white is also very contagious and quickly looks dirty. In this article will explain on how you can clean your white shoes and keep […]

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First aid for wet shoes

Wet shoes. How do you get your faithful companions dry in time? Autumn is, if possible, the best season for trail running. But it is also often wet. You do not see those pools of water beneath the foliage, sometimes you really have to wade through the river and rain can also cause you to soak until your little toe comes home. Not to mention those wet shoes. How do you get your loyal companions dry in time for your next adventure? Dry shoes In fact, drying […]

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Maintenance of your shoes

If you have bought shoes that you love, you want them to last as long as possible. Good care is important. Here you can read how you can best maintain which type of shoe. Tips and tricks The most common tricks, such as the use of shoe tensioners to keep the shoes in shape and the use of a shoehorn to keep the heel well, we obviously do not have to share with you here. We also do not have to tell you that you should give […]

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