Walk in shoes: The 8 tricks to wear your new gems as painlessly as possible!

You probably know it: you have scored a new pair of shoes and you are completely in love with them. After a few hours of walking on the shoes, however, love is over, because your feet hurt so badly! An annoying scenario because whether you have bought a pair of shoes for a party, for work or for another occasion, you should preferably wear new shoes immediately. And preferably also painless. Unfortunately, the reality is sometimes that new shoes at your feet after a few hours can […]

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Maintenance for different types of shoes

Each shoe needs a different care. It is important that you clean and check the shoes regularly. You do this check so that you can go to a shoe repairer in the event of any damage. Grooming boots Many women have high boots in the wardrobe. They are often rather dull because the shaft hangs limp on the floor. No sense (or money) to buy boot tensioners? You can also easily use empty soda bottles for this. In this way the shaft remains tight. It is important […]

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Maintenance of your shoes

If you have bought shoes that you love, you want them to last as long as possible. Good care is important. Here you can read how you can best maintain which type of shoe. Tips and tricks The most common tricks, such as the use of shoe tensioners to keep the shoes in shape and the use of a shoehorn to keep the heel well, we obviously do not have to share with you here. We also do not have to tell you that you should give […]

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