Maintenance of your shoes

If you have bought shoes that you love, you want them to last as long as possible. Good care is important. Here you can read how you can best maintain which type of shoe.

Tips and tricks

The most common tricks, such as the use of shoe tensioners to keep the shoes in shape and the use of a shoehorn to keep the heel well, we obviously do not have to share with you here.

We also do not have to tell you that you should give your shoes a rest and wear them every other day to prevent wear. Hopefully the other tips and tricks will help you.

Shoes bought a bit too small

Everyone has a pair of shoes that are just a little too small and therefore pinch. You can make them more fitting by walking them out in the afternoon with the thickest socks you have. Moisten your socks and keep them on until your socks are dry. Keep moving: because of the movement, the shoe molds itself better to your foot.

Another option is to fill sandwich bags with water and put them in your shoes. Then put your shoes in the freezer for a while and you will see that by turning off the water (because it becomes ice) the shoes will be just that few crucial millimeters larger.

If this does not have the desired effect, take a look at a recognized shoe repair shop to see if it can widen the shoes (they can sometimes make oversized shoes fit again). Prevention, however, is bite than cure. You can buy the best shoes in the afternoon. At that time of the day your feet are the most expanded, and this way you prevent that you buy tight or too small shoes.

Creaking shoes

Creaky shoes (such as Van Bommel’s) can be very irritating if you are late during an important business meeting and secretly try to sneak in. You can prevent this by placing the shoes on a wet mop or cloth in the corridor overnight and then smearing the inside with talcum powder.

Wet shoes

If you live in the Netherlands you will undoubtedly regularly suffer from wet shoes. Do you want them dry quickly? Then fill them with dry newspapers and replace the wet newspapers after a few hours.

Even better is to use a pair of cedar shoe trees. These extract the moisture but also keep the shoes in shape.

Never place your shoes on the heating: some materials can shrink or dry out as a result. Cracks can also occur due to drying too quickly. You can place your shoes near a heat source. But never put them directly on top or against it.

Snow rims on leather shoes

Snow edges on leather shoes don’t look too fresh. To eliminate this, you can brush the areas with equal parts of lime-free water and white vinegar. Let them dry slowly and then coat them well with shoe polish.

Unexpected scratch

Are you walking to an important meeting or party and do you notice that you accidentally hit your wall or stone with your leather shoes? Is there an ugly scratch on it and you have no shoe polish to hand? You can often remedy this with a little lip balm. Obviously ensure a transparent, colorless balm.

Sweaty feet

Talcum powder is ideal when you have sweaty feet. Because talcum powder absorbs the moisture, the shoes stay beautiful longer. Talcum powder is also ideal when you drop off shoes on the inside.