Maintenance And Care Of Leather Boots

You probably know this situation, you just bought new boots. They actually look too good to wear, but it’s a shame if you don’t wear them. You decide to wear your dream boots and then daily problems arise. You accidentally bump your foot and the boots are damaged, because of a rain shower your boots got wet or during a walk in the woods your boots got dirty. In short, boots are very beautiful after the purchase. But how do you keep them so beautiful?

Maintenance and care of leather boots

Leather boots require maintenance, so you can enjoy your boots for as long as possible. Read on for the tips! We distinguish between regular and daily maintenance.

Regular maintenance and care of leather boots

Regular maintenance and care of your boots is important to extend the life of boots. Treat boots one day before use, so that the maintenance product can absorb sufficiently. How often the boots need to be cared for depends on how often they are worn. This can be from 1x per week. Moisture and bacteria from your feet can cause an accelerated process of wear. Therefore, preferably do not wear the same boots every day. Read the step-by-step plan below about how you can best maintain leather boots.

1. Put your boots on boot tensioners. In this way the boots cannot collapse or indent, which can cause damage. Do you not have boot tensioners? Then use paper. This can also absorb the excess moisture.

2. Clean the boots with a soft brush (a hard brush can damage the leather). You can also use a cloth or sponge with (soap) water and/or white vinegar. Make sure the boots are clean and dry before you treat them.

3. You can treat the leather with a “leather conditioner” that is available in either liquid substance or cream. Shoe polish or cream based on color is also available to preserve the color of the leather.

4. You can rub the conditioner with a soft cloth or a sponge. Rub in is important because it gives a better result than smearing. Then let it retract well. Excess fat can be removed with a cloth. If you want to add extra shine to your boots, you can polish them with a glossy brush or nylon tights.

5. An impregnation spray can be used to extend the life of the boots. Impregnation is done to make the boots dirty and moisture-repellent. There is also a “clean spray” for leather maintenance.

6. Maintain a zipper? To ensure that the zipper remains smooth and clean, you can use a zipper spray (also known as zipp spray).

7. An anti-bacterial spray can be used to clean the inside of boots.

8. Do you have boots with studs or stones? Then treat this area with a damp cloth.

Daily maintenance after activity

Here are also some tips for the daily maintenance of the boots. This also ensures a longer life for your boots.

Have you been outside and are your boots dirty? Then use a soft brush to remove excess dirt (a hard brush can damage the leather). A point of attention is the edge at the sole. You can clean it with a small brush (eg a toothbrush). Dirt can collect in the edge and damage the leather and / or stitching.

Then wipe the boots with a clean, damp cloth to remove dirt and mud. Do not rinse the boots under the tap as they will get too wet.

If your boots are wet, let them dry at room temperature. Leather dries out due to heat, so do not place leather boots next to a heater, fireplace or other heat source. Remove the insoles. You can dry the inside by putting paper in the boots, this absorbs the moisture.

Hopefully your boots will look like new after these tips!