Keeping White Shoes White Becomes a Breeze With These 10 Tricks

Do you also have a pair of white shoes in the closet? And how white are they still? White sneakers and shoes are very hip, but unfortunately they also turn gray, yellow or plain dirty very quickly. Luckily this is not the end of the world. You can keep white shoes white in different ways. With the following ten tricks, keeping white shoes white is no longer a problem!

To keep your white shoes, think of your favorite white leather sneakers in an optimum white shape. Here are the ten useful tips for you so you never have to panic again when your favorite white sneakers or shoes start to lose their shine. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Two preventive keep them white tips

To ensure that you can enjoy your white shoes for as long as possible, it’s important to keep your white shoes radiant white. You can opt for treatment when your shoes have become dirty. Or you go for the approach according to the motto ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Keep white shoes white

You have bought new white shoes. They are spotlessly clean in the shoe box. To keep these shoes white, here are the two tricks for you.

Trick 1: What’s not on it doesn’t have to be done either

Injecting white sneakers: Of course you want to keep your new white leather sneakers for women or white men’s sneakers virgin white for as long as possible. Before you put them on, even for a short while, it is best to treat them with a water and dirt-repellent spray. Spraying your white sneakers with this in advance creates a protective layer that dirt and moisture cannot get through. Moreover, you simply brush off dirtiness. This keeps your shoes white longer. You can spray it by putting your hand in the shoe and then applying a thin layer of spray from nose to heel. Hold the can at a distance of about 20 centimeters from the shoe and do not be afraid to spray. The shoes can get a bit damp, but this dries quickly. Do you want to protect your shoes against dirt for an extra long time? Repeat this spray turn after every 6 to 7 times wear.

Trick 2: Yellowed white soles

If you have shoes with white soles, then after a while you notice that the soles can turn yellow. White rubber soles and sunlight are a horror story: the light makes the soles discolor and the white of your soles slowly changes into all kinds of shades of yellow. The solution sounds simple: try to avoid contact with sunlight as much as possible. But not walking on your white shoes at all when the sun is even shining a bit may go a bit too far. Fortunately, there is a happy medium. Keep your shoes with white soles in a box or in the closet, so that they cannot come into contact with sunlight if you do not wear them. The discoloration is hereby reduced to a minimum. Are the soles of your white shoes discolored and do you want to make the yellow sole white again? You can clean the white sole with the help of soft gum and remove the worst discoloration.

White shoes get white again

Even if you do your best and pay extra attention to where you are walking, keeping white shoes in perfect white condition is almost impossible. Fortunately, there are several handy tricks that you can use to easily transform your white shoes into sparkling, fresh white eye-catchers!

Trick 3: White wine vinegar and dust

Have you bought white fabric sneakers and, unfortunately, have they become dirty? No worries! Getting your favorite shoes back on white can be done in no time with the help of water, soda and white wine vinegar. You read that right, with this first trick of white shoes getting white again, we use white wine vinegar and soda. You make a kind of porridge by mixing two parts of soda and three parts of white wine vinegar together in a plastic or glass container. Then spread this mixture over the stains on your shoes with a clean brush. If you have rubbed the mixture well over the stains, you can rinse the shoes with cold water. The result: your shoes look as good as new again!

Tip: To make sure that you do not get color differences, it is best to first test this method on an inconspicuous part of the shoe.

Trick 4: Washing with shampoo?

You stand at a party to shine with your brand new white shoes if you are offered a nice snack. Mouth-watering, you take a bite, but unfortunately things go wrong. A drop of fat falls on your shoes, creating an ugly grease stain. Of course you try to limit the damage as much as possible, but unfortunately you keep seeing the stain. Do you have to throw your white shoes away? No! You can remove a grease stain from your shoes with the help of shampoo. Choose a mild shampoo that you also use to wash your hair and rub it together with some warm water on the grease stain. Also for this method of keeping shoes white you should use a small, clean brush. Then rinse the shampoo from the shoe with plenty of water.

Tip: Also for this way of getting your white shoes white again, it is best to test it for an inconspicuous part of the shoe.

Trick 5: Remove greasiness with Vaseline

You can easily learn white sneakers with a remedy that we almost all have at home in the closet: vaseline. For the best result, gently rub the Vaseline in your shoes with a soft cloth. You do this by making rotating movements while rubbing. Then let the vaseline withdraw for some time. After a few hours you can remove the Vaseline again with a clean cloth. You will see that this too will result in beautiful white shoes.

Trick 6: Because laces also belong to the shoes

Are your shoes still virgin white, but have your laces a bit of a gray and dirty color when worn? Then take the laces out of your shoes, put them in a laundry bag and put them in the washing machine. After the wash, your laces will come out like new. Do you also want to wash your white sneakers? Some sneakers or white sneakers will be able to handle it, but we are not in favor of it. The fabric and the fit of the shoes generally do not improve. Moreover, the soles of canvas shoes are often glued. Washing your shoes in the washing machine will release the glue and your shoes might break.

Trick 7: What to do with suede shoes

Suede is perhaps the most difficult material to clean. Certainly white suede is a difficult cleaning job. However, it is not impossible, because there are a number of useful remedies with which you can clean white suede shoes. There is the suede eraser, this eraser has been specially developed for removing stains from suede shoes. With the suede eraser you erase the stain from the shoe. In addition to eraser, you can also use a crepe block made of natural rubber. Suede cleaner is a spray with which you can remove dirt from suede. You do this by applying the suede cleaner on a brush or a sponge and then rubbing it on the stain. A suede brush is a brush with a rough side for removing stains and a soft side for brushing the suede back after removing the stains. You can always use the above means to remove stains from your suede, white shoes. Something you should not use is a cloth. If you do this, there is a chance that you will rub the dirt deeper into the shoe. This only makes the stain harder to remove.

Tip: Do you only want to maintain your suede shoes with the best cleaning agents? With the cleaning kit especially for suede and nubuck shoes you assure yourself of the best products and you have even more chance of succeeding in getting your white shoes truly white again.

Trick 8: Leather also becomes whiter than white

In addition to suede, leather is perhaps the most used material for shoes. Like suede, white leather can be cleaned with various cleaning agents. In our opinion, a product that works well is a cleansing cream specially developed for leather. You rub this cream carefully with a clean cloth or a brush on the stain, after which the stain will disappear. A cleaning spray with which you can remove dirt from leather is also effective in this case. By spraying the shoe in with a cleaning spray and then rubbing this spray well with a cotton cloth, you ensure that the stain disappears. Of course you can then polish your white leather shoes extra white with a neutral, white covering shoe cream or white shoe polish. Or use Collonil Sneaker White, a care product especially for white leather.

Tip: Do you want to be sure that the cleaning products you use for your leather shoes are of good quality? With the cleaning kit especially for leather shoes you are assured of the best products.

Trick 9: Dry, hard and caked

If there is dry and hard dirt on your beautiful white shoes, then you are “lucky”. This type of dirt is relatively easy to remove. It is important that you let the dirt dry completely before you remove it. When the dirt is completely dry, simply wipe it off your shoes. Then clean the stain with soft gum or choose a good cleaning spray to remove the last bit of dirt.

Tip: Is there any dry dirt on your suede or canvas shoes? Then be careful and don’t scrub the dirt too fanatically. The chance that the small hairs will be damaged if you boar too hard is very high. And it would be a shame if your cleaning only caused more damage, wouldn’t it?

Trick 10: Camouflage scratches

Sometimes you run into something that leaves an ugly scratch on your shoe. Super annoying of course! Certainly because a scratch cannot be brushed away like one, two, three. But to write off the shoes now is also a bit premature. You can camouflage the scratches perfectly with a white opaque cream. Nobody will see the damage after you have treated your shoes.

Tip: Use the cleaning kit for this purpose, specially conceived and equipped for cleaning and getting white shoes.