Information and Tips For Shoe Care

Various materials are used to manufacture our beautiful shoes and boots. To properly maintain the material, it is of course important to use the correct product.

For the most common types of leather, here describe below how you can best treat them.

Used leather types can be:

  • suede.
  • nubuck (dry or waxed).
  • patent leather.
  • leather.
  • metallic leather.


Suede is the skin on the flesh side and has a rougher surface than, for example, nubuck, which gives it a warm and luxurious appearance that many people find very beautiful. The beautiful women’s brand Panara uses the material for almost the entire collection. Because of the coarse structure of the suede, moisture and dirt can easily penetrate. That is why suede is also more vulnerable than leather.

It is therefore advisable to impregnate your shoes with a special spray immediately after purchase. This way they are well protected from the start. It is even wise to repeat this 3 times at half an hour intervals.

In addition, the shoes also continue to be injected during use like once in a month. This way they remain optimally protected. It is important to first remove the dust and dirt from the shoes. Dirt that you cannot get rid of immediately can be removed with water and a brush like a nail brush) with some soft soap such as hand soap.

Allow to dry well, brush and impregnate again.

As the shoes get older they can also lose some color. Use the color repairer for this. This product ensures that the color is restored.


Most find this type of leather a lot with hiking and hiking shoes. But it is also used happily for fashionable shoes such as those by Paul Green. It is made of normally smooth leather, only the top layer is gently sanded. This gives a somewhat more robust appearance that is intended to mask damage and unevenness, but also because customers simply prefer it.

In terms of maintenance, nubuck does not differ much from suede. Here too it is highly advisable to already impregnate the shoes using a special spray for nubuck/suede at the time of purchase. Then repeat regularly to saturate the nubuck as it were and ensure good protection.

Pay attention! Make sure that the shoes are free of dust and dirt before you inject them. So first brush the shoes off. If dirt does not go off, you can also clean the shoes under the tap. Gently rub the dirt out of the material. You can also use some soft soap such as hand soap. (Wet the shoe completely! Otherwise there is a risk of circles)

After you have allowed the shoes to dry, you can impregnate them again.

As the shoes get older they can also lose some color. Use the color repairer for this.

Patent leather

Lacquer has a beautiful eye-catching look and is therefore often used in the manufacture of shoes. To keep it nice and flexible, we give you the following maintenance tips.

To prevent cracks and cracks in the lacquer layer, it is best to take care of your shoes with a lacquer lotion or a specialize made cream for patent leather that protect the shoes, give them shine and keep them wonderfully supple. Apply the unique patent leather oil or cream once you have cleaned the shoes using a damp cloth plus the shoes are totally dried.

Then apply the lotion, let it draw in and rub it out with a dry cloth.

Tip: Damage to paint can be updated with nail polish.


Leather shoes have many advantages. Because leather is a natural product, it breathes, it is smooth and comfortable like your own skin and it is strong. As a result, it can also last a long time. To maintain these positive traits as long as possible, you must take good care of them.

This is how you do it:

Leather becomes dry as it gets older. So first clean the shoes thoroughly with a damp cloth. If your shoes are clean and dry, use the right cream with the right color (the same color as the color of your shoes, but a colorless cream or wax as a spray in a spray can is too).

Shoe polish feeds the shoes so that they do not dry out and stay wonderfully supple. Please note, never use too much shoe polish because otherwise the leather will close and cannot breathe. In addition, dirt will stick to your shoes faster.

Leave the shoe cream on for half an hour and then shine on your shoes with a dry cloth. Then spray your shoes with a water and dirt-repellent spray.

Metallic leather

Metallic leather is leather that has been tended with a metallic top layer and is mostly used in women’s shoes such as the trendy shoes of Via Vai. For this type of leather you can use the best colorless spray. The spray protects, nourishes and adds shine to the leather.