How to get your white shoes from sneakers to be clean again?

White is the trend at the moment! White sneakers, tennis sneakers (very popular with men), pumps, loafers and even white ankle boots conquer the streets and every heart of many fashion lovers. The black/white combo is even more on trend than before, with white shoes at the center! Sneakers, loafers, loafers; white is fun, fashionable and gives you the ideal minimalist look. But white is also very contagious and quickly looks dirty. In this article will explain on how you can clean your white shoes and keep them clean.

How do you keep white shoes white?

In the past, were you never allowed to wear white shoes by your parents, because there was a good chance that they would tend to be more black in the long run? We all know that white quickly gets dirty. Fortunately we have a number of tips to actually keep your white sneakers or ankle boots white. Of course it is a matter of paying attention where you step, not beating through mud puddles and a dark blue pair of jeans that give off a little.

Shoe care with a spray

What we actually recommend with every shoe, white or not: spray it regularly with a spray that protects against moisture and stains, such as Carbon Pro impregnating spray from Collonil. Pay close attention to which material the spray is intended for, because there is a difference in care for leather, suede, nubuck, textile, etc. and for each material there are different shoe care products. To keep your shoes as beautiful as possible, we advise you to spray your shoes in again after about 10 times and repeat this each time.

Always check your white shoes after wearing them, because this way you prevent a stain from getting in and you will never get it out again. It is best to carefully brush stains from the outside with a (soft) shoe brush or dustpan before you treat the shoes with a spray. Nowadays there is even special white colored care for white sneakers with which you can update dirty or discolored spots.

The biggest tip with white shoes: don’t put them in the sun! The chance that they will get a yellow glow is high. Therefore always keep them in a dark, dry place (for example in the cupboard or in a shoe box).

Grandmother’s tips for white shoes

There are also plenty of grandmother’s tips to clean your white shoes. Did you know that with white leather you can use petroleum jelly or white toothpaste to get rid of stains, but for grass stains, for example, use alcohol better? Leather shoes should also not get too wet (suede, preferably not at all), so use a slightly damp cloth first and then a dry cloth when removing stains. Do not put leather shoes in the washing machine, because that will tear the leather. And that is just not what you want.

You can wash canvas, mesh and plastic white sneakers (such as Vans and Converse) with a hand wash or in the washing machine – although we do not recommend it. Put the shoes in the latter option is a laundry bag, fabric bag or in a buttoned old pillowcase. Then add a drop of bleach to the detergent so that your shoes come out super clean! And not too hot washing, because that is bad for the general condition of the shoe plus there is always the possibility that the fabric will shrink. Keep in mind that washing in the washing machine can cause the glue that is used in your shoes to run out. This allows the soles or applications to release. Rubber soles can also turn yellow in the washing machine. So there are actually more disadvantages than advantages to washing your shoes in the washing machine. It is therefore best to simply wash your shoes with an old-fashioned hand wash and mild shampoo. Please note: washing your shoes is always at your own risk. You can safely put laces (of textile) in the washing machine, that’s no problem!

With the above tips, the shoe care products from Collonil and a little bit of attention you will keep your white shoes absolutely white!