How can you maintain the best shoes?

Good maintenance allows you to enjoy your shoes longer. Also the technical properties of your shoes, such as the breathability and the water repellency, come into their own better if you take good care of them. The correct maintenance for your shoe depends on the characteristics of your shoes. Consider the outer material. Is your shoe synthetic, smooth leather, nubuck or suede? Another factor is whether the shoe is waterproof. Not all maintenance products can be applied to waterproof shoes.

After use

Proper maintenance starts with the proper storage of your shoes after use. Store your shoes in a dry, ventilated, not too warm place. Are your shoes wet and dirty? First remove the laces and insole. Then clean the shoes with a soft brush, some lukewarm water and, if necessary, special detergent. Don’t forget to also rinse the inside and possibly clean it with a soft sponge. Do not dry your shoes in a cold or very hot place, but do so at room temperature and out of the sun.


Regardless of whether you have leather or synthetic shoes, the outer material will absorb moisture over time. Then it’s time to impregnate the shoe. There is impregnating agent for specific materials, but universal agents are also available. Always apply impregnating agent to a clean shoe. Leather shoes must also be treated with leather conditioner or wax, because otherwise the leather may dry out over time.

Feed smooth leather shoes

Despite your good care, the leather of your hiking boots can become dry at some point. This means that it is time to treat it with a wax or conditioner. This will make your shoes slightly darker. Applying this care product can be done in various ways, and not all products are suitable for waterproof shoes. Therefore, always carefully read the instructions for use of the chosen maintenance product for use.

Nubuck and Suede feed

Just like with smooth leather shoes, the outer material of shoes with Nubuck leather or Suede will dry out at a given time. It is then important to treat the leather of your shoes with a wax or conditioner to prevent damage to the material. This treatment influences the appearance of your shoes. The outer material becomes darker and smoother. This does not affect the performance of your shoes. The old appearance can be restored by the use of a suede brush. If your shoes are waterproof, always check whether the care product can be used on waterproof shoes.

Maintain Waterproof Shoes

Waterproof shoes are equipped with a waterproof membrane. The pores of this membrane can clog. Your shoes will then breathe less well. For that reason it is important to rinse the inside well with lukewarm water every now and then. Shoes with synthetic and with leather outer material must be impregnated and leather shoes must also be fed occasionally with a wax or conditioner. In addition, not all maintenance products are suitable for use with waterproof shoes.