Help From Shoe Specialist

Every leather shoe needs maintenance. By regularly brushing your shoes you keep them nice and you will enjoy them for years. Make sure you use high-quality shoe polish. If you use synthetic (often the cheaper), the protective layer will close off your shoes. Moisture cannot go any further and your shoes will become very ugly. Leather is a natural product and must be able to breathe. It is recommended to opt for Saphir lines. A brand that won the Golden Medal in 1925 for its shoe polish and was never matched afterwards. Nostalgia with traditional craftsmanship. Nice huh?

Choice For Shoe Polish

Choose which shoe to polish

As said: Do not opt for synthetic (petroleum) shoe polish or shoe polish. But immediately after cleaning with a cloth or dirt brush, get started with one of the following two shoe polishes:

Saphir Medal D’or: The best shoe polish available in the world. Consists exclusively of natural ingredients. 75 ml for € 12.75. But then you have something!

Saphir Creme Surfine: Is in the best price / quality ratio for me. A good shoe polish for a good price. 50ml for € 4.90.

To treat your shoes before and/or after

Pre-treatment and post-treatment

If you want an optimal result, it is recommended to rub your shoes with Renovateur before brushing. It nourishes the leather and keeps it supple and soft. This can also be found in two lines:

  • Saphir Medal D’or – Renovator.
  • Saphir Renovateur.

Do you also want a nice finish with a shiny result. Then use Saphir Mirror Gloss. This cream comes from the Medal D’or line and is especially recommended if you use the Medal D’or line and you enjoy beautiful polished shoes.

Do you want optimum protection and the convenience of a spray can. Go for Saphir Huile Nutrive Spray! This spray based on animal oils nourishes and protects. And is therefore an alternative to brushing.

Tools for brushing shoes

Good tools are half the battle! It is suggested to brushing with horsehair for greasing and polishing. These are a lot better in quality than the plastic brushes. Because the price difference is minimal, it is available only within the range. Some do not have any brushes from Saphir within their range because the additional cost for this – in one’s opinion – does not outweigh any additional costs.

During brushing but also ideal for storing shoes are shoe trees: you keep your shoes tight and in shape.

For a fresh start, we recommend our complete brush package! Immediately all good quality brushes in the house.

Can it be easier?

Hell yes!

Let’s be clear: the best result – certainly for the long term – is achieved with shoe polish from Saphir. But everyone sees those really handy sponges and remedies. For a quick freshening up it is certainly handy to have such a potty in the car or at work.

This continued use ensures that your shoes can use a refurbishment once. By that some mean to make it completely clean and bare and rebuild.


1. Cleaning: First clean your shoes with a dirt brush or cloth. Don’t forget the edges, seams and stitching. Handy to remove your laces in advance.

2. Choose a matching shoe polish and horse hair brush. Apply small amounts of shoe cream evenly with a brush to the shoes. The cleaner must pull into the leather and not stay on the shoe. Do not forget to grease the edges and seams.

3. Then give the shoes a rest by allowing them to dry. Not with a heater! If necessary, repeat step 2 again if the result does not yet have the desired effect.

4. Finally, polish the shoes thoroughly with a polishing brush so that the polish pulls the shoes in properly and your shoes start to shine beautifully.

5. Do you want to protect your shoes then? Then opt for an impregnating spray so that extra water repellent. If you use Mirror Gloss then it is of course not necessary to spray.

If the shoes are seriously damaged or if they have become very faded (brushing more often!), Most suggest VG Color Cream. This contains many more color pigments, which means that you can brush much more effectively.

Extra covering shoe cream

Extra coverage

Sometimes you need more than just a regular shoe polish. You will be helped with several branded VG Color Cream. With extra many color pigments, the polish is extra covering. Especially useful with intensively used (children’s) shoes. Deep scratches are quickly removed and your shoes are neat again.