Brushing Shoes: Making Shoes Beautiful Again

Brushing shoes: Why?

Brushing shoes is a preservation for your shoes! They stay beautiful and good for longer. Moreover, it is cared for!

Brushing shoes: Types of shoe polish

There are various means on the market for shoe cleaning.

  • Wax
  • Liquid shoe polish (especially suitable for a quick shine)
  • Cream shoe polish

Wax and cream-like shoe polish care and protect your shoes. You can buy shoe polish in all colors of the rainbow. Choose of course the color that fits your shoes.

Brushing shoes: With what?

You can brush your shoes with a soft cotton shirt that you no longer wear. But there are also special brushes for sale. There are also tubes with shoe polish that have a kind of sponge on them. With that sponge you apply the shoe polish and rub it out. Then you actually don’t need anything else. Cleaning shoes can be very simple.

Brushing shoes: Step-by-step plan

  1. Shoe polish gives off. So make sure your clothing is protected when you start cleaning shoes. And put newspapers down to protect the floor.
  2. Make sure your shoes are not covered with sand or mud. So first remove dirt. A horsehair brush is very suitable for this. If your shoes are very dirty, it helps to clean them with a damp cloth. After that, wait with brushing shoes until they are dry again.
  3. If you want to be able to reach everything, it is useful to remove any laces from shoes.
  4. Put some shoe polish on your cotton cloth, and apply it to the shoe with a round wipe. Make circles as it were. Do that with a strong movement. You can try to reach difficult spots with a toothbrush.
  5. If you have completely lubricated the shoes, they should dry for 15 minutes. You can also apply a second layer of shoe polish afterwards. It is better to polish your shoes multiple times than to clot a very thick layer of shoe polish in the hope that you will be ready in one go!
  6. Go over the shoes with a special shoe brush. Preferably with a clean horsehair brush. This way you remove any shoe polish that you had lubricated too thickly. In addition, the brush ensures that the shoe polish pulls well into the shoes.

Do you like shiny shoes? Then rub the shoes with a clean cotton cloth until they shine. Some people breathe on the shoe, and then rub.

Clean suede shoes

The above tips are to polish leather shoes. But how do you clean suede shoes? Suede shoes are unfortunately more sensitive to dirt, and get dirty faster than leather shoes.

Fortunately, there are special brushes for suede shoes. With this you first remove any dirt. Because suede is sensitive to water, it is best to clean these types of shoes when they are well dry.

Wipe the shoes with the special brush to remove dirt. Always in the same direction. So not back and forth! If there are stains on it, go back and forth with the brush. You can try to remove stains that you cannot remove with the brush with an eraser!

Make your own shoe polish kit

Provide a soft cotton cloth, shoe polish and a sturdy horsehair brush. You don’t need anything more. And some time!

Brushing shoes without shoe polish

Don’t you have any shoe polish? No worries! There are other remedies that you can use. Although there are supporters and opponents of this alternative “shoe polish”. So first try them on a pair of old shoes!

  • Olive oil
  • Inside of a banana peel: this helps your shoes shine
  • Lip balm: also good for shine
  • Toothpaste: only on white leather!